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Driven to Sadness
My Yin Yang Yo! Fanfic

By Alec Morris


Yuck used to be bad, reckless, and the most feared, but all of it has gone away when he became pregnant. Yuck is now sad, scared, and lonely. The father of the baby is unknown. How that all happened is that the Night Master and Eradicus' spirits wanted to be reborn as one, so they found a place of rebirth, in Yuck's stomach. Night Master and Eradicus' spirits both formed into a dark spiritual egg-like orb. Yuck, badly defeated by Yin and Yang again, sensed a bright, purple light in a dark alley. He went to see something in the alley, and when he saw that dark orb, he hoped that this ball would give him strength more powerful than the Woo-Foo Warriors and the Night Masters, but instead, the orb flew inside Yuck's torso, and a purple aura was around Yuck. Dark Spirits flew around the aura, moaning, and Yuck screamed in fear and pain, and then the aura exploded, knocking out Yuck, and Yuck fell on the ground, on his back unconcious.

==End of Prolouge==

==The Story Begins==

==Chapter 1==

Yuck is in a dark area, where he sees both the Night Master and Eradicus, and they stripped him of his strength and evil, and then they used a memory spell that made Yuck's life flash before his eyes. That's right, Yuck had a near-death experience. Yuck saw all his memories from birth to the present. Yuck saw all the memories, and the memories expanded. Yuck goes into a brink of insanity, and screams in shock, as he shrinks in the light.

Yuck is still in the alley lying unconscious.

"Ohh, no. Please. I can't take it anymore. Stop it. Noooo...." moaned Yuck in his sleep. "Aaaah!" shreiked Yuck as he woke up. "Ow my head!" moaned Yuck while holding his head until he felt something different from his appearane. His stomach has grown big, and heavy like the dark orb in the alley. "Wha-What h-h-happened to me???!!!" quivered Yuck in fear, "H-H-How l-long h-h-have I've been out?!". Yuck lifted his shirt to see a dark skull mark on his tattoo. Then something was moving inside his big and heavy ball-sized stomach. "Wha-What!" said Yuck in shock, "Am I -- Am I pregnant?! No! That can't be! That can't be true!" Yuck throws a tantrum in fear pulling his ears down, jumping up and down, and screaming up in the heavens until he calms down, gets down on his knees and crawls to a wall and sits there depressed. Yuck rubs his belly. "How could this happen to me?!" sobbed Yuck, "Why am I pregnant?" Yuck puts his head down in shame and sobs, until thunder flashes and rain falls down on a sad, crying, pregnant Yuck. Yuck looks up at the raining sky with tears that ran down on his cheek, and wails heavily in sadness in the same volume as the thunderstorm. Inside a bawling Yuck's pregnant belly is a dark fetus. "Yes, Yes, cry, cry like a thunderstorm," said the fetus, "But soon I will be reborn!"

==The Next Day==

Yuck walked in at Yin and Yang's dojo with bags in his red, bloodshot eyes, and a 5:00 shadow, which looks like he grew a beard. Yin and Yang were playing tennis when they saw Yuck. "Yang, look!" said Yin, "It's Yuck!" "I've always knew this day would come," said Yang, "Let's get him!" "Wait! Wait! Guys! I'm not evil this time!" "Yeah, Yeah, I've heard it all before, and I'm not falling for it again!" said Yang. "Wait Yang," said Yin, "I think he's telling the truth this time." "Say Whaaaat?!" said Yang, "When did you start to believe him?" "Since I've felt his pain just now," said Yin, "I can read his mind. I'm a telepath." "You're a telepath?!" said Yang, "What the foo is going on in here?!" "Oh my Gosh!", said Yin, "Something's real pretty different about Yuck since we last beat him." "I know," said Yang, looking at Yuck's big round belly, "First he's lost his fighting spirit and became a sissy, and now he had just let himself go. Haven't he heard about going out on a diet?" "I'm not fat!" said Yuck, "I'm -- I'm--" "Spit it out, man!" said Yang. "I'm -- I'm -- I'm" stammered Yuck before he closes his eyes and then blushes and sqeals in embarrassment. "Oh, for crying out loud, dude, just get on with it!" exclaimed Yang. "I'm -- I'm -- p-p-p-pregnant!" stammered Yuck in fear. "You're WHAT!!!" exclaimed both Yin and Yang in shock. "I told you two, I'm pregnant!" said Yuck. "But if you are pregnant," said Yang, "then who's the dad?!" "Nobody is" said Yuck. "But how?" said Yin. "Well, I saw a dark orb in the alley," said Yuck "and then it went through me and knocked me out, and then the Night Master and Eradicus stripped me of my strength and evil, and my life flashed before my eyes, and then I wake up in this alley and noticed that I'm pregnant." "Wow!" said both Yin and Yang. "We gotta take you to our father for this!"

==End of Chapter 1==
This is my first Yin Yang Yo! fanfic. And since no one is following my MYC Campaign, I made a fanfic of an Mpreg Yuck. It's based on the Mpreg Yuck picture by StitchLovesJumba. If you want you should retell the story in comic. There should be a preggo Yuck.
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:wow: just wow
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*checks submition date to make sure if theres a possibilty for the next chapter to come* its submitted on my bday :la: anyways, its a simple language used here, but i loved the story, bla bla, so, are you writing the next chapter? :D
amen95 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sometime, actually. Anyway does this story make you want to draw a pregnant Yuck?
gokulex59 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Student Writer
maybe. but first - im not good with drawings; but im improving myself so actually may be i can if i try, which leads us to second problem: i dont have a scanner - -"
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I feel sorry for you.
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Me too, fella. Me too.
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